How wonderful it would be if the Christian world would heed to the call, to preach and teach the truth about God’s Word. It is extremely important that we come together on doctrine. We must believe the same teachings; there must not be any division among us, we must have the same mind, and believe the same thing. It is most important that the things we believe and teach be of the truth. There are so many erroneous theories in the Christian world today until it is confusing to the people of the world.

If we are going to show Christ to the world, we need to come together. If the truth about the Gospel is not known among us and there is a lack of knowledge, then the spirituality diminishes and the consequences can be spiritually disastrous. If we would come together and drill the church in the faith and doctrine, we would not have to worry about so many divisions in the church. I hope that this website will in some way be a help to those that are searching for the truth.

Elder L.M. Cooper